Internet Security, Need to Know

Cyberwellness — Be Safe While on the Net

With the advent of technology, the fact that children nowadays are hooked into it cannot be changed ever so slightly. However, awareness is the key to somehow protect these kids from the dangers brought about by the way these gadgets are being misused.


As according to the Ministry of Education in Singapore, cyberwellness refers to the positive well-being of internet users. Last April 2012, the learning integration specialists all over the Philippines just had training on the cyberwellness program wherein topics include the dangers of harmful online behaviors and how to protect oneself and other internet users from these dangers.


As such, even a simple sharing of information over chat could lead to undesirable and harmful encounters. Cyberbullying, mobile phone addiction and excessive online gaming could even lead to traumatic experiences and depression.


As a precautionary measure, children can practice the two principles of cyber wellness when participating in online activities – respect for self and others and safe and responsible use. Children can observe the first principle by avoiding surfing inappropriate sites, participating in illegal online activities, using the work of others without permission publishing undesirable materials that hurt others. They also live out being a responsible internet user by not only knowing the dangers of harmful online behaviors but also by making responsible choices that would help protect themselves and the community.


With these in mind, children can become cyber-healthy and be assured that they can be safe while on the net.#



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